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Shoreline Partners represents companies in sale, acquisition and financing transactions, as well as advising companies on how to build value. Our engagements include:


Sell-Side Services

The sale of a majority or minority ownership interest of a privately held company can be designed to meet a variety of objectives:


  • Create liquidity for the owners to facilitate their eventual exit from the business.

  • Allow the owners to take money off the table and still retain a significant ownership interest going forward.

  • Facilitate the buyout of a partner or minority shareholders.

  • Fund one or more acquisitions to enhance the company's future value.

  • Recapitalize the balance sheet to create a stronger company for the future and provide new working capital to finance growth plans.


Our sale process is designed to produce:


  • Multiple, competing offers from a targeted list of prospective buyers including both strategic companies and private equity groups.

  • The best, market-driven offer for our client: the optimal combination of value and other terms.

  • Coordinated due diligence by the buyer with no surprises or changes to the deal structure or terms.

  • A confidential transaction closing that produces a win-win for both our client and the buyer.


Majority Control of Cali Bamboo, LLC, Sold to High Road Capital Partners, a New York-based Private Equity Group

San Diego-based Cali Bamboo is

the leading designer, manufacturer

(outsourced) and seller of high

quality, bamboo flooring in the U.S.

The Company’s strategy is to

generate consumer interest

through their website

( and then

use a personal, consultative

approach to create a sale. The

Company’s products can also be

found in most Lowe’s stores

throughout the U.S. The Company’s

two founders had an objective to monetize their investment after 10 years of operations. Shoreline Partners was engaged to sell a majority ownership interest to a private equity group that would both create liquidity for the owners and fund future growth initiatives. After marketing to private equity groups

whose investment criteria and experience were strategically aligned with Cali Bamboo, offers were received from eight groups. After two rounds of negotiations and extensive due diligence by the ultimate buyer, the sale of a majority interest was closed at a value nearly double the initial offers. The Company’s founders secured their families’ financial future and retained a significant ownership interest that provides them a “second bite of the apple” opportunity.

"We are so lucky to have connected with you and will forever be appreciative for guiding us through this process and leading us to the finish line."

Jeff Goldberg

CEO and Founder

"Fantastic job throughout this whole process. I'm really not sure we would have gotten this deal done with another broker. Nice work."

Tanner Haigwood

VP Business Development and Founder

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Acquisition Services

Acquiring one or more other businesses can represent an efficient way for companies to accomplish varied objectives including:


  • Adding products and product categories.

  • Gaining access to new market channels.

  • Expanding locations and geography.

  • Enhancing capacity and manufacturing resources.

  • Accessing new vendor relationships.

  • Acquiring new technology and systems.

  • Obtaining new human resources including management.


Identifying acquisition targets, contacting them, obtaining information and assessing their value is a time intensive process that requires both interpersonal skills and business acumen. Business owners often underestimate the time and effort required to pursue an acquisition strategy. Shoreline’s professionals are experienced in helping our clients assess a target’s –


  • Financial statements, results and projections.

  • Economic opportunity under our client’s ownership.

  • Strategic alignment with our client’s business.

  • Corporate culture.

  • Value proposition.


We assist our client in developing an offer, often in the form of a Letter of Intent, which we present to the target. We negotiate the offer, assist our client and their legal and other advisors through due diligence and document preparation, and creatively solve problems as they arise, to successfully close the transaction. And, if needed, we can assist our clients in obtain financing, debt or equity, to fund an acquisition growth strategy.


WD-40 Company Acquired Global Household Brands and Heartland Corporation

WD- 40 Company’s products –

WD-40, Lava soap and 3-In-One

Oil – enjoyed a significant presence

in the hardware, automotive and

industrial channels, but were

underrepresented in the grocery

channel. In addition, as Garry Ridge,

WD-40 Company’s CEO, described

it, his objective was to transform

the Company from a “brand

fortress” to a “fortress of brands.”

Because of our M & A experience

and reputation, Shoreline Partners

was engaged to pursue acquisitions of brands and products that would help meet both of these objectives. The first acquisition, of Global House Brands (New Jersey), added 2000 Flushes™ toilet bowl cleaners, X-14™ mildew and stain removers, and Carpet Fresh™ rug deodorizers to the WD-40 portfolio of well-recognized household products. The second acquisition, of Heartland Corporation (Kansas), added Spot Shot™ carpet cleaners, cementing a strong presence in grocery with over $100 million of annual sales from the two

acquisitions. Along the way, Shoreline analyzed the opportunities for Ridge and his Board of Directors, negotiated both transactions and creatively turned a challenge in the GHB transaction (disposing of GHB’s Memphis manufacturing facility) into a long-term value opportunity by proposing and negotiating a joint venture with one of WD-40 Company’s outsourced manufacturing partners. Following the successful acquisitions, we also refinanced WD-40 Company’s corporate debt, negotiating a long-term, fixed rate loan from the Prudential Capital Group.


Financing Services

There can be a variety of reasons why companies need new financing –  debt or equity or both:


  • Growth initiatives including plant expansion, equipment purchases, sales and marketing plans, etc.

  • Expansion to new locations or markets.

  • Product development.

  • Investment in new personnel.

  • Acquisitions.

  • Working capital needed to fund increases in accounts receivable and/or inventory.

  • Replacement of existing bank debt.


Shoreline approaches financing engagements similarly to sale engagements – we identify prospective lending sources, including commercial banks, non-traditional lenders and private equity groups whose lending criteria align with our clients’ objectives. We create a competitive market to negotiate and obtain the best financing solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

CHMB Raised Two Tranches of Capital to Fund Acquisitions from Main Street Capital Corp

CHMB, Inc., is a leading provider

of revenue cycle management

software, technology and consulting

to the healthcare industry. To

broaden its presence outside its

primary market of San Diego

County, the Company completed

four acquisitions, expanding its

footprint and market area

nationwide. To fund its acquisition

strategy, theCompany engaged

Shoreline Partners to obtain new

financing. Shoreline marketed the

opportunity to multiple funding sources and successfully raised two tranches of debt and equity from Main Street Capital Corp (Houston) and its affiliated SBIC.

Value Building Advisory

Value Building Services

We are uniquely positioned to view business value from a market based perspective and can help business owners identify internal and external strategies to maximize the future value of their companies. Our value assessment and prescription helps maximize value by:


  • Identifying key business components and competencies that can be leveraged to increase value.

  • Identifying factors that may ultimately detract from value in a sale process.

  • Preparing a "to do" list of items currently impeding value that can be improved or minimized to increase value.

  • Enhancing a company's profile as an attractive target for buyers and investors.

  • Developing a written prescription with identified objectives to maximize value.

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