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Our team of experienced M&A advisors successfully markets, negotiates, and closes sale, acquisition and financing transactions for the owners of privately held companies. Since 1992, our licensed professionals have closed transactions across a wide variety of industries. We use our decades of business experience to understand our clients' objectives and achieve optimal results. Our core strengths include:


  • Preserving confidentiality - a must for privately held companies.​

  • Identifying and communicating the core value propositions of our clients.

  • Negotiating with multiple parties in a private auction setting to obtain the highest and best deal terms.

  • Creatively solving problems in deal structure and transaction documents.

  • Shepherding each transaction from beginning to closing, working closely with our clients' other advisors including attorneys, CPAs and wealth advisors.

  • Representing our clients beyond closing in future payments including escrows, earnouts and seller notes.

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