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Closing Deals
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Our Firm

Shoreline Partners has closed sale, merger, acquisition and financing transactions for lower middle market companies since 1992. Our clients typically have annual revenue from $5 million to $250 million. Our clients are located throughout the West, although our reach is global for prospective acquirers. Our professionals' experience includes managing and running successful businesses as well as hundreds of significant sale, acquisition and financing transactions.

Exceptional Business Knowledge

Our professionals have owned businesses, accomplished turnarounds and managed growth. We delve into operations, people, competition, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and technology to find the transferable, intangible "magic" that makes a company exponentially more valuable to prospective buyers.


Compelling Marketing Presentation

We prepare a confidential memorandum to present a company to prospective buyers that ismarketing instrument, not a securities offering. Prospective buyers are shown the potential of the company under their ownership based on their capital and strategic resources.


Prospective Buyer Identification

We excel in identifying buyers who need your company and then initiate a competitive process. We think outside the box to target strategic buyers and private equity groups that need the unique competencies - the "magic" - that our client offers.


Ability to Get the Highest Value

The true market value of a company is the highest price a buyer will pay a seller. Our investment bankers are skilled at both attracting multiple buyers and generating multiple letters of intent. For us, the art of representation is attracting buyers, while the art of negotiation is managing multiple offers.


Successful Record of Closing Deals

We identifiy potential due diligence issues at the beginning of an assignment and then assist our clients in solving the issues before they become a problem. In an industry littered with failed deals, our creative problem solving assures our clients the greatest likelihood of success.


Interests Aligned with Clients Interests

A fundamental philosophy is that our interests are aligned with our client's interests. Our personal involvement, motivation and interest continue until, and even after, all payments have been received.


The Choice of Other Professionals

Shoreline is proud to be the recommended choice of professionals who are familiar with our services. Accounting, legal, financial planning and other professionals routinely refer their clients to us. We work closely with our client's trusted advisors throughout the process with everyone focused on obtaining the optimal outcome for the client.


Optimal Management of the Process

Our job is to make our client's life easier and, ultimately, better. We manage the sale process so that our client is free to continue to successfully operate the business. When it comes to negotiating prowess, our keen insight, attention to detail and time-tested instincts provide each client with the assurance that no money has been left on the table.


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