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Honored by our clients' testimonials

We've received several just in the past month alone! It's truly a privilege to work with these individuals and we're honored to share these comments with you.

“I couldn’t have completed the acquisition without Shoreline Partner Tim Malott. He calmly coordinated all of the buyer’s comprehensive due diligence, worked closely with attorneys on both sides and got the deal done. When we felt the timing was right, Tim even met with my management team to help explain the transition while offering opportunities for them to ask any questions. Tim did a lot more than just negotiate the deal for me; he became a true trusted advisor.”

- Don Hartley, Founder of Electrical Sales, Inc. (sold to Winsupply by Shoreline).

“We felt that our business model could scale nationally with the right partner, and Shoreline made that happen. Finding Trillium Staffing and negotiating a mutually beneficial transaction took keen insights into our firm as well as the industry. Since Shoreline's partners have all been CEOs and business owners before, they had a first-hand understanding of what we were seeking and creatively worked on identifying organizations that were a perfect fit. We’re extremely happy with the outcome.”

- Toby Copeland, Co-Founder of Impact Staffing (sold to Trillium Staffing by Shoreline).

"Tim was able to make us realize the value of our company above and beyond what we believed was possible. At the end of the day, we sold our business for 15 times earnings. A typical distribution company will typically sell in the six to eight times earnings realm. If you get a strategic buyer, you're probably looking at 10-12 times earnings. On the backend, our fees to Tim was the cheapest check we'd every written. Anybody looking to sell their business would do themselves a favor to meet with Tim."

- John Kellogg, Founder of Square Peg Packaging & Printing (sold to Saxo International)

“Many investment bankers help structure the major terms of a transaction, then pretty much wash their hands of what happens after a letter of intent is signed. Not Shoreline. They continue to be deeply involved in all facets of a transaction, from accounting, due diligence and negotiating the purchase agreement, down to the nitty-gritty of preparing schedules, reconciling reports and rounding up documents and signatures from all the principals, lawyers and accountants. In doing so, they save clients a lot of time and money, and make sure the deal is closed.”

- David A. King, The King Law Group (worked with Shoreline on the sale of Electrical Sales to Winsupply).

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