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Phil Currie in Times of San Diego

Check out our own Founder and Partner's take on the four things to never do when selling your business!

Four Things To Never Do When Selling Your Business

The mergers and acquisitions market is hot right now and could be so in the months, if not years, to come. Then it should be no surprise to anyone that many owners are entertaining the idea of selling their business. Some have been thinking about it for a while and believe now is the time to exit on a high note and start working on their other aspirations.

Just because it’s a good environment to sell a company, though, doesn’t mean that negotiations won’t take time or run into hurdles before crossing the finish line. Having a well-thought-out strategy before negotiating any deal is paramount.

There are a few “must have’s” to achieving a successful M&A outcome, but also several “never do’s” that will prevent a sale from occurring. Here are the top four:

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